Day Job (short film)
Mr. Marmalade at Dog + Pony Theatre
I Just Stopped By To See The Man at Alliance Theatre
Naomi Iizuka's Ghostwritten at Goodman Theatre

I was born and raised in small town Illinois. When I was 9 my mom wanted to audition for a musical called South Pacific (you may have heard of it) being produced by our local community theatre, Prairie Players. She wanted me to come along to the audition with her to "support" her. I think she secretly wanted me to audition with her. When we get there, the auditors are shoving sign-in sheets in my face and taking my measurements and the next thing you know I'm up on that stage singing "Happy Birthday" to a bunch of smiling strangers. South Pacific was the first of a handful of musicals my mother and I performed in together. 

Later, I went on to college and studied theater at Illinois State University where I was chosen to join Steppenwolf Theatre Company as their Acting Intern. Off to Chicago I went to play dead people and walk-on roles (and also do a fair amount of cleaning up muffin crumbs after folks like Gary Sinise). I met so many wonderful people there and have a career in showbusiness that spans over a decade and has taken me around this Great Nation.

And it all started at that audition with my mom. 

-Dieterich Gray


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